Another Great Use of GoPro – Skating Through Denver

True, the footage is in our hometown, which we love. But what is great about this video is the editing, proving that just slapping a GoPro on a piece of equipment is only half of the equation. Good music, great editing. Nice work, Dan Wendzinski.


GoPro’s Video Content

I don’t own a GoPro. Mainly because the stuff I can do doesn’t come anywhere close to being as cool as the stuff professional snowboarders, mountain bikers, surfers, rock climbers, race car drivers and others can do. No one wants to watch a switch 180 off of a small kicker at Breckenridge.

But that’s exactly why GoPro’s video content is so great. They make people want to buy their product by simply highlighting what the camera does best. No scripts, no voiceovers, no special effects…just compelling video with some saucy editing. Stuff that any of us could (theoretically) do.


35 – An Arc’Teryx Birthday Challenge

Fantastic video from writer and climber Brendan Leonard and production house, Duct Tape Then Beer. Leonard talks about his appreciation for the small things in life and his love for his hobby. What makes the video special are the sponsorship’s from Arc’Teryx and Yakima. Neither brand is discussed and both are only seen in fleeting glances, but they chose to associate themselves with a message, an ideal. More and more brands are struggling with the balance between logo shots and company mentions, but as this video shows, content is more about association and emotion, not metrics.