Patagonia’s Blog – The Cleanest Line

Patagonia's Blog - The Cleanest Line

Disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of everything that Patagonia does. Choosing between which of their social networks to highlight is tough – check out their Instagram account (@Patagonia) for daily amazingness. But their blog – The Cleanest Line – combines a wide variety of in-the-field stories, product highlights, long form Environmental stories, and my newest favorite: their “Worn Wear” concept (

The writing style is typically LONG format – longer than I would ever recommend for clients. But with tales of three week mountaineering trips and measures that are being taken to protect watersheds from sulfide mining, the beauty is in so, so many details. In our 140 character world, The Cleanest Line makes attention deficit readers get lost in 5,000 word essays. Great writing + compelling topics = seriously amazing content. (Click through via the screen shot above to visit Patagonia’s blog)


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